Internal Re-ordering

St Lukes, New Rossington


During 2009 with Wiles & Maguire we began to develop proposals to explore how sensitive interventions within the 'traditional' worship space of St Luke's could retain the integrity of ecclesiastical use whilst enabling an extended range of social and community activities to take place.


Our brief was to provide a dining space for up to 40 people, kitchen facilities, a meeting room, WC's, and adequate storage to serve these new usages.


As well as trying to respect and retain the spatial hierarchy of the church we were concerned that any new intervention should not 'obscure' the architectural detail and stylistic character of the existing fabric and design intent.


We therefore designed a series of timber framed panels set deep within the brick arches, finished in a 'soft' off white colour to preserve that clarity and, perhaps, even accentuate the expression of the masonry.  The infills panels feature quadrant clerestories which pick up the rhythm of the arches and reflect the symmetry of the central axis in an attempt to harmonise visually.


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