Community Hall

St John's, Cudworth, Barnsley


The new Community Hall is formed as an extension to the south side of the Nave at St John's Church.  The existing external stonework, therefore, becomes part of the interior within the new Hall. 


In order to ensure a good quality of daylight within the existing church the roof to the Community Hall is constructed with a large glazed roof.  Daylight can enter the Nave through the large existing windows in the south elevation and opening roof lights provide ventilation to the Hall.


It was important to us that the form of the proposed Community Hall responds sensitively to that of the existing  Church. It is intended that the new architecture acknowledges and promotes a 'gentle hierarchy of scale and mass' whereby the Community Hall is deferential and respectful to the historic structure.


This project was delivered under Wiles & Maguire and works reached completion in 2012.

CUD02 Photo 10

The new Hall reflects the form and scale of the existing church in combination with a contemporary pallet of materials

CUD Glazed Roof

Glazed roof provides natural daylight and ventilation


Existing stonework becomes part of the new interior

Cudworth Hall

Oak scissor trues

CUD02 Photo 11

View to the west end

CUD02 Photo 9

Entrance to the hall

CUD02 Brickwork-1

Brickwork in a 'Flemish bond' with projecting headers