Hull Trawlermen Memorial

St Andrew's Dock, Hull


Ideas competition for St. Andrews Dock Heritage Park Action Group to commemorate all Hull Trawlermen lost at sea. 


In this project the three new monument sculptures and the site as a whole are conceived as storytellers; repositories of memory. 


The monuments display the names of the three vessels lost in the 1968 disaster; the St Romanus, Kingston Peridot & the Ross Cleveland. The name of each is engraved into the surface of the sculpture.


The scale and positioning of the monuments, seating and lamp-stands are, stylistically, a very classical arrangement and this serves well to reflect a respect and dignity for those that died at sea and for the grief of those they left behind. 


However, the monuments and lamp-stands have a secondary role to play. They are designed to support and enable the installation of a demountable roof cover.


CV Project - Hull Trawlermen-crop.jpg